Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Unofficial Holidays

Yay! This time around I was lucky for not being left alone at home (JB).
Dapat offer pi kursus at ILKAP for this week and also next week which means Im on unofficial holidays!

Kak Elin and Kak Mazia, both are here with me..not for the course but for the PPK 3.
Some sort of test for the government servant for promotion.No PPK no promotion, thats how it works here. Gosh!They are struggling for this test..it is difficult and stress they said. Erm..but I believe its worth pay!
My sisters dearie..gud luck for the PPK 3...hope u guys will excell...!!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Opis Yang Sunyi

Sunyi sungguh opis ini,
Hanya ada kami yang masih disini,
Kak Azreen tak habis semayang lagi, (dia memang semayang lama gile)
Nak minit IP pun tak ada mood lagi
Sebab tu la dok blog ni.

Eh...eh...its already 7.20..
BBQ Chicken, here we come!!