Friday, December 31, 2010

Yellin Birthday Bash!

Hello all..Sudah lama tidak update blog rasanya. Before I begin, sempat lagi rasanya untuk mengucapkan terima kasih dan tahniah kepada skuad Malaysia kerana kejayaan dapat cuti free! Hehe..neway, salute to the keeper, Khairul Fahmi yang sangat hebat!

So, tujuan entry kali ni adalah untuk meng-upload pixxies taken during Kak Elin'sbirthday surprised..Im not sure whether she got surprised or not since dia dah memang syak awal2 time kat office semalam. Banyak betul soalannye time chief, sehinggakan I terpaksa create another story yang mungkin padanya sedih sikit. Told her yes, we were planning something for your birthday yet it has to be cancelled due to the time constraint and crowd semua ada hal masing-masing. She said..naahh, its ok knowing the fact that you guys ada intention pun dah cukup.I terharu...huhu (mungkin Kak Elin agak sedih waktu ini)..

Tapi, she smells something jugak when I insist to have a dinner at Jusco Bukit Indah. Dia kata I knew it, just tell me what time is the party.Then I told her, oklah..actually it shud be a surprise one but since you are eager to know, so i gotta blow it off to you. The venue is at Lavender cafe, time...tengah tunggu signal from diaorang *evil grinning*.
.. She smiles and quickly touch up her face with her MAC make up..Cantik dah tu.

So, on the way to Jusco (konon-kononnya) I told her, Amy teringin nak makan ice cream at Monsta Cafe la and I pun tak dapat signal lagi from them. She said oklah we drop by at Monsta Cafe..jeng jeng..jeng..So I parked our car in front of the cafe while check out their presence. Fuh, selamat kereta diaorang telah di park agak tersorok..Hihi..

Upon entering the cafe, Kak Elin said lets go upstairs, wanna check out their ambience pulak kat atas.In my mind..thank God, she's make it easier for me!...Tadaaa....she saw their faces..and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIN!!

OMG, I tak sangka u all buat kat sini.
.and she hits me! And we had a reaaallly good times together. Theme for that nite was back to childhood time!..Ada playground and all. Know what kakak-kakak ku yang berumur 28yrs kesemua mereka ini..mengalahkan kanak-kanak ribena! Bermain bersungguh-sungguh di playground itu...

Check out the wonderful pixxies taken :

Crowd yang sangat happening + Amira Sariaty (she can't make it di saat akhir,cuz stucked in the bad jammed..siann)

Kak Azreen is the appetizer for that nite..yummy.

Birthday gal yang tengah merenung her 28 years of living...

This is it!Evidence speaks. They are cute..heh

Ala la...comeynyee

The party planner (Pn. Thalha, Kak Mazia, Yammy, Kak Azreen)

Kak Azreen @ Santa Clause version UIA..hehe

Habis cute la tu...hmmm

Again, Kak Azreen acted as the entree..Erkk..Puan Thalha, dont kill yourself.Kill the entree..sedap tuh.

Whoa...Gifts from us to her..loveely..

Blow those 28 candles..fuhhh!

"Cak...its me Elin, your birthday gal.."

AJK yang menjayakan party ini..memang cun..hik hik..

Landing sat kat cube yang comel ni...again, sangat comel.

Nice deco guys!

Us @ Monsta Cafe!!

" Your bday prez...err..nop, this is mine. Not giving you"

Err...siapa nak bagi siapa ni?

Besarnye hadiah? Ada isi ke or...empty box? Oopss..

Santa-nia wit her pink gift...girlish nye..

Dwarf pulak?

Nak balik dah..last shot..Perut semua dah penuh..

Pretty feet? Oh no..the floor..yes.

From Me:
"Kak Elin Dearie, Happy Birthday 28th! May this day always be a special day to remember. A simple celebration, a gathering of friends,and wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends. May all your dreams and wishes come true..Muahhh...xoxo.."

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Saya tak ada kucing.

Tapi kucing memang 'pet' yang sangat comel untuk di bela dan saya teringin nak ada pet cik 'tucing' ni..

Cuma saya ni takut sikit dengan kucing

Takut kena cakar.

Hehe..saya tak tahu apa yang saya merepek.

Mungkin sebab hari-hari pun saya cakapp..Yiaooo!! (nada DQ Bear saya)



Sunday, December 19, 2010

12.12.2010 Eve @ George and Dragon Cafe, Johore Bahru

First and foremost, I would like to thank the Almighty Allah for his blessing to me thru out my 26 years living.

So, what is your plan for tonite? That question was asked by Kak Mazia. I told her,no plan for tonite since I am broke. Kak Elin came out with her fantastic plan to have some fun at Zouk, Singapore, then again it is just a plan...we are the same, we are broke!Basically, on my birthday eve, we had no plan, and as usual, dinner is the best resort! But I am so stoked because I know that it was only one part of my birthday celebration...heh..rite Kak Elin?

Kak Elin suggested to have a dinner at George and Dragon Cafe. It's an English Medieval concept cafe. A little bit about the cafe. The name George and Dragon represents England and so became the name of the cafe, which is a little bit of England in JB in honoring the bravery of Saint George because he embodies the spirit of England by becoming England's patron saint. (courtesy from

The medieval interior ..nice heh?

The crowd as usual, my three angel sisters, Kak Elin, Kak Mazia and Kak Am..little angel Hadi and also Kak Am's hubby, Daud who joined us few minutes later. It was fun though only six of us. Hadi is sooo adorable and he is sooo cute....

The two gorgeous and the adorable Hadi Rashad

Auntie Elin and Baby Hadi

Hadi : Auntie Mazia...Let me goo.. !

Grilled chicken mushrom..superb!

Grilled salmon...slurrpp..

Happy Birthday 26th Amy!!

Baskin Robin's Ice Cream Cake..mouthwatering..drrlll...

My dear sisters, it meant a lot to me. I owe you all a massive thank you. Firstly for planning this, secondly because you guys have made my birthday eve such a great night!

Thanks Kak Am for the prezzie..

There’s not really much more for me to say, so have a good night, don’t drink and drive, and I’ll see you all later. Muahhhxxx! xoxo.