Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Beautiful Day With A Beautiful Women

Date : 9th January 2011
Event : Ima's Birthday ...
Time : 4.30 -7.30 pm

The Venue

Entree : Fried Mac & Cheese + Tennesse Chicken + Grilled Lamb + Chicken Mushroom Pepper ( tak sempat amik gambar sebelum makan..huhu)

Surprised Dessert from Me and Cik Lyn to Cik Irma

Posing while waiting for The Crew to sing a birthday song to Ima!

Mom-to-be turns 27 on 4.1.2011 (Ima kira candles terletak xtra..huhu)


"Come for the food, stay for the fun"

You Complete Me!!

Cik Ima's due date : End of we only have two months for the Baby Bump Shower!! (err..Tapi Cik Lyn kata doa selamat lagi afdal..huk huk huk)