Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weekend Retreats #2

Last week, myself, Kak Elin and Kak Liza had a blast weekend in Singapore...again. We headed to Singapore Zoo around 11 am. Caught in the jammed in Woodlands Checkpoint...Something hilarious happened that day..Dark secret which cannot reveal here..hmmm.

Anyway, Singapore is located at Mandai Road which take less than 1o mins from the highway (PIE/BKE). There are several transportation sevices provided as you may take a feeder van service set up just outside Ang Mo Kio MRT station. I am not sure of the charges, I think it is free. Alternatively, you can take a taxi ride from Woodlands Checkpoint to the zoo and most probably it will charge you for SD 7...I think so..As for us, we have to walk from the place we parked our car (at the side of the road) to the zoo since the parking lots was full!If you are able to park your car at the lots, then it shouldn't be a problem as you only walk a bit further to the ticket counter.

Thanks Kak Liza for the nice view there. I think, it was 10 mins walking from our car...
The aboriginals of Mikakiku Island..

White tiger

Zebra crossing?

Unique creature right?
Lotsa photos taken during our visit, unfortunately it takes long hour to download those pics.So, til then..See ya later at the next entry!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Love is Cinta

But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine.

Yup! I would like to confess something about the title of this post. The film is the most worst Indonesian film ever (sorry guys).Heh..I was voluntarily went out from the cinema after the show has been played for 30 mins. Tapi post saya hari ini bukan berkenaan film tersebut cuma meminjam titlenya sahaja.Hihi courtesy from Cik Lyn yang mengimbau masa lampau. I'm soo happy meeting my two beloved friends .

First, melihat Cik Ima- the preggy one..Oh!Sangat comel!Gebu, kata Cik Lyn..Yes!Cik Lyn memang suka guna ayat yang bombastik and plastik.. :). Secondly. tengok muka Cik Lyn yang 'glowing' sitting next to her BF, Fakhrul...You, he is OK. No worries, both of you look fine together. Well,time flies... Irma is soon to be a mom, Cik Lyn is getting closer to her big day..and Me? I am happily no worries waiting for the right person..chill la.. Hihi.

They are my sweet darling angels who always be there for me. They make me laugh and cry at the same time. Sangat comel mereka ini.

Preggy Ima.Comel sangat.5 months now, another 4 months for the baby to see her Auntie Amy :). See my hands, the baby has been touched by an angel...Hehehe..

Hugz and kisses gals..Muaaahhhx!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Faces in Singapore

Say cheeze y'all!

Somewhere in October, our happy faces (Myself, Kak Elin, Kak Mazia, Daud and Tuan Umar) while walking down in Orchard Road, Mustafa Centre and etc.

Align Center
Ooopss..looks like, there were two faces with no smiles on their face...why la, ingat BF ka? Anyway, how we wish Kak Am and Hadi were here..Next time perhaps..Hadi cepat-cepat buat pasport Kid ye budak comey!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Simply Sunday

1. Woke up @ 8.00 am. Couldn't sleep much. Muscle pain.Uhuk!

2. Laundry ..again..!

3. Had Fitness First Cereal© for breakfast (still not fit tho..) hi hi.

4. Watched 'Natalie Holloway' @ HBO. Poor girl. May she rested in Peace.
(Moral of the day: Don't get drunk at club or anywhere)

5. Surfing internet i.e Maybank2u, make payment for house rental.Err...searching my own name thru Yahoo! and Google..hehe..what the heck!

6. Bathed!

7. Get ready to go to the office..aiyaa.

8. Drop by at Sayed's, Kak Elin bought 8 pieces of roti canai+6 teh tarik...fattening!!...*grin*

9. Had bread for myself at SDS Bakery..ehem, healthier! Oops..and 2 pieces apam balik..sama je..Hahaha

10. Checked AGC Mail. Drop a comment @ Kak Azreen's Mahkfi Tajalli.

11. Lunch in the office with Tuan KUP, Kak Elin, KJ Sham and Afid.

12. As of now, still reading investigation papers for futher instructions...(5.03 pm)

13...Sparkling Singapore after dis?..maybe la..


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weekend Retreats

Hello all..

To all fellow Indians, Wishing you a very Happy Deepavali! May this festival of light enlightens you and your family with abundance of health,wealth and prosperity.

As for me, I am enjoying the holidays by spring clean the house. That's all. I know nothing is special about it but FYI, it burns my fat for 15 %..heh.. syoknye.Where did I get this info from? I also dunno..Hihi..

Anyway, cut the crap, hari minggu adalah hari yang indah dimana saya tidak perlu bekerja. No hassle. Sudah setahun lebih di Johor Bahru, dah pandai merayau ke tempat-tempat menarik apabila hujung minggu. I've been telling my friends I never get a chance to go to Singapore. Sangat dekat OK dengan JB ni. The bridge is shorter than Penang Bridge, the journey will take around 30 mins plus minus Immigration check and all. Tapi sejam pun ada tau.So, imagine la betapa dekatnya negara Singa itu.

So, my first experience in Singapore, hmm..my tour guide is Puan Farah Ezlin a.k.a my housemate...hehe..dialah mangsa keadaan macam biasa. Kak Mazia is not around..sorry dear..We travelled via public transport, which I have to admit, their public transport is superb! Memang mesra rakyat la. Tapi..a bit tiring la. Turun naik, turun naik lari sana lari sini, which I don't understand at one point why all these people are running. Patutlah nak kejar bas yang sama. So I would recommend here, please drive your expensive car..hihi..do not take public transport. Here some shots taken.

The riverside

Riverside Cruise

Tired face of me @ Merlion

We spent around SD 100.Nothing much on shopping but for foodies.Well I think that's all for now. Catch up with u guys later..muahhx