Friday, January 13, 2012

Universal Studio Singapore : 2ndi Attack

Last week, myself with another 3 gorgeous ladies went to USS..This is a second money-spent visit for me.We had a blast-thrilled time there! Of coz this time around I managed to try all the high-speed rollercoaster. (except the heart-dropping Human & Cyclone from Battlestar Galactica-not that I'm scared tho, it's just that I'm too lazy to queue..heh .. :P ) Oh..oh..and u guys should try the Transformer Rides, it's damn cool. I ride it twice..wuhuu..
Well, I will stop rambling now...The pictures speak for itself!!..

The Entrance

Us and Woody...

Shaneem and her pet??Nah..

Bu Jaja-very fond of the Mummy

Whats with the 'poncho' dude?

A must-try roller coaster!!

The Dino park

Vintage mood!

My replacement...hahaha

3 of 'em-after the Cyclone attack
The Ride..and we transformed! caption for this!