Sunday, November 14, 2010

Simply Sunday

1. Woke up @ 8.00 am. Couldn't sleep much. Muscle pain.Uhuk!

2. Laundry ..again..!

3. Had Fitness First Cereal© for breakfast (still not fit tho..) hi hi.

4. Watched 'Natalie Holloway' @ HBO. Poor girl. May she rested in Peace.
(Moral of the day: Don't get drunk at club or anywhere)

5. Surfing internet i.e Maybank2u, make payment for house rental.Err...searching my own name thru Yahoo! and Google..hehe..what the heck!

6. Bathed!

7. Get ready to go to the office..aiyaa.

8. Drop by at Sayed's, Kak Elin bought 8 pieces of roti canai+6 teh tarik...fattening!!...*grin*

9. Had bread for myself at SDS Bakery..ehem, healthier! Oops..and 2 pieces apam balik..sama je..Hahaha

10. Checked AGC Mail. Drop a comment @ Kak Azreen's Mahkfi Tajalli.

11. Lunch in the office with Tuan KUP, Kak Elin, KJ Sham and Afid.

12. As of now, still reading investigation papers for futher instructions...(5.03 pm)

13...Sparkling Singapore after dis?..maybe la..