Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weekend Retreats

Hello all..

To all fellow Indians, Wishing you a very Happy Deepavali! May this festival of light enlightens you and your family with abundance of health,wealth and prosperity.

As for me, I am enjoying the holidays by spring clean the house. That's all. I know nothing is special about it but FYI, it burns my fat for 15 %..heh.. syoknye.Where did I get this info from? I also dunno..Hihi..

Anyway, cut the crap, hari minggu adalah hari yang indah dimana saya tidak perlu bekerja. No hassle. Sudah setahun lebih di Johor Bahru, dah pandai merayau ke tempat-tempat menarik apabila hujung minggu. I've been telling my friends I never get a chance to go to Singapore. Sangat dekat OK dengan JB ni. The bridge is shorter than Penang Bridge, the journey will take around 30 mins plus minus Immigration check and all. Tapi sejam pun ada tau.So, imagine la betapa dekatnya negara Singa itu.

So, my first experience in Singapore, tour guide is Puan Farah Ezlin a.k.a my housemate...hehe..dialah mangsa keadaan macam biasa. Kak Mazia is not around..sorry dear..We travelled via public transport, which I have to admit, their public transport is superb! Memang mesra rakyat la. Tapi..a bit tiring la. Turun naik, turun naik lari sana lari sini, which I don't understand at one point why all these people are running. Patutlah nak kejar bas yang sama. So I would recommend here, please drive your expensive not take public transport. Here some shots taken.

The riverside

Riverside Cruise

Tired face of me @ Merlion

We spent around SD 100.Nothing much on shopping but for foodies.Well I think that's all for now. Catch up with u guys later..muahhx