Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weekend Retreats #2

Last week, myself, Kak Elin and Kak Liza had a blast weekend in Singapore...again. We headed to Singapore Zoo around 11 am. Caught in the jammed in Woodlands Checkpoint...Something hilarious happened that day..Dark secret which cannot reveal here..hmmm.

Anyway, Singapore is located at Mandai Road which take less than 1o mins from the highway (PIE/BKE). There are several transportation sevices provided as you may take a feeder van service set up just outside Ang Mo Kio MRT station. I am not sure of the charges, I think it is free. Alternatively, you can take a taxi ride from Woodlands Checkpoint to the zoo and most probably it will charge you for SD 7...I think so..As for us, we have to walk from the place we parked our car (at the side of the road) to the zoo since the parking lots was full!If you are able to park your car at the lots, then it shouldn't be a problem as you only walk a bit further to the ticket counter.

Thanks Kak Liza for the nice view there. I think, it was 10 mins walking from our car...
The aboriginals of Mikakiku Island..

White tiger

Zebra crossing?

Unique creature right?
Lotsa photos taken during our visit, unfortunately it takes long hour to download those pics.So, til then..See ya later at the next entry!